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Congratulations! The opening ceremony of the Dynanonic Institute of Lithium Power (ILP) was successfully held!

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 The opening ceremony of the Dynanonic Institute of Lithium Power (ILP) was successfully
                                                                                                                          October 24, 2022, Foshan, China
 Dynanonic Institute of Lithium Power
The Institute of Lithium Power (ILP) is located on 19 acres in Foshan, Guangdong, having more than 70,000
                                square meters of building area.
                                Lingyong Kong, co-founder and president of Dynanonic, gave a speech and said we will increase the R&D
                                investment and actively recruit top talents worldwide to continue perfecting our unique and breakthrough
                                technology, Self-heating Evaporation Solution-based Synthesis that we are applying to LFP synthesis to
                                research and develop our products with properties of higher energy density, safe and reliable, and lower costs.
                           Dynanonics R&D Strengths
                                As a strong R&D-based company, Dynanonic consistently takes innovation capability as an essential driving
                                force for our development. We have built a whole system for technology innovation and product development
                                and formulated a research team with a high sense of innovation and extensive experience. Thanks to the abundant
                                technology accumulation and excellent vision of marketing layout, all these factors contribute to our industry
                                status today.

                                Now we have the following state-of-the-art technologies: 

                                l Self-heating Evaporation Solution-based Synthesis Technology (独家首创:自热蒸发液相合成法) 
                                l Discontinuous Graphene Coating Technology (非连续石墨烯包覆技术) 
                                l Ion-doping Technology (离子掺杂技术)
                                l Nanolize Technology (纳米化技术)
                                l Niejia-Interface Modification Technology (涅甲界面改性技术) 
                                l Ionic Superconductivity Technology(离子超导技术)
                                The invention of "Self-heating Evaporation Solution-based Synthesizing Lithium Iron Phosphate " was
                                independently qualified by the expert group from the National Nano Science Center as the world's top level.
                                We have completelyindependent intellectual property rights on products and core technologies.

                                For those years, we are awarded as:

                                l Individual Champion in Chinese Manufacturing (中国制造业单项冠军);
                                l Chinese Specialized, Excelled, Differentiated, Innovative “Little Giant” Enterprises (中国专精特新“小巨人”企业);
                                l Chinese "Smart Giant" Company  (中国上市公司成长百强);
                                l National Advantage Enterprise on Intellectual Property (国家知识产权优势企业);

                                And are authorized with:

                                l The only attached unit of the National Nanotechnology Standardization Technical Committee Nano Energy
                                Storage Technology Standardization Working Group (SAC/TC279 /WG7) (全国纳米技术标准化技术委员会纳米
                                l Guangdong Provincial Nano Electrode Material Engineering Technology Research Center (广东省纳米电极材
                                l Guangdong Provincial Power Battery Electrode Material (Dynanonic) Engineering Technology Research Center
                                l Yunnan Province Phosphate Battery Materials Engineering Research Center (云南省磷酸盐系电池材料工程研究中心);
                                l Shenzhen Nano Electrode Material Engineering Laboratory and Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base (深圳市
                                Up to now, we have applied for 256 patents, including 236 invention patents and 20 utility model patents,
                                led and participated in the editions of nearly 30 international/national standards, and also national, provincial,
                                and municipal scientific research projects.
                                The foundation of ILP is a significant milestone for pursuing a higher level of R&D, and is also a great step  
                                to realize our vision of "our innovation makes the world a better place " with our R&D concept of“Focus,
                                Innovation, and Collaboration”.
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