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    The development of new energy (especially pure electric drive) automobile industry is the key to the implementation of new energy strategies around the world. The development of this industry is also important in China. However, the performance and cost of battery are the most important factors restricting the rapid development of the electronic vehicle industry and the replacement of traditional high-energy and high-emission fuel vehicles by electronic vehicles. Therefore, Research and development battery is critical for electronic vehicle industry. And, LFP as a cathode material which has the excellent performance of safety, high capacity, high rate capacity, ling cycle life and ect, becomes more important for the whole electronic vehicle.

    The micron-sized lithium iron phosphate currently available on the market cannot meet the requirement for electric vehicles battery. However, nano-scale lithium iron phosphate, due to its finer and uniform particle size, the performance on high capacity, high rate capacity, high and low temperature discharge is much more excellent, making it the first choice to improve the performance of electric vehicle battery. And also become a key factor to determine on "iron battery" can come true or not. Therefore, the stability market, low cost and providing the high performance in big scale will directly affect the overall development of the electronic vehicle industry.

    Compared with other companies in the same industry, Dynanonic has produced nano-lithium iron phosphate with extremely significant advantage on cost and performance through an original invented process with completely owned independent intellectual property rights. Dynanonic has the confidence and ability to provide High-performance, low-cost nano lithium iron phosphate in big scale

    Due to the demanding of "low-carbon economy", the development of electronic vehicles has become a general trend. The earth is our homeland! In order to protect our air from pollution and keep the blue sky for our descendant, all staff in Dynanonic are committed to do our best to make the contribution on electronic vehicle industry. We know our power is limited and the task is arduous, but the mission is glorious! At the same time, we also appeal for all people in the new energy industry, for the benefit of our country, for the better tomorrow of all mankind, work hard, work together, and to Contribute to the rapid development of the electronic vehicle industry!