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Innovazone Commissions 20,000 Tons of Cathode Additive Project in Phase I

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Innovazone Commissions 20,000 Tons of Cathode Additive Project in Phase I
                             On February 26, the commissioning ceremony for Phase I of Innovazone 20,000 Tons of Ca-
                             thode Additive Project was held in Qujing, south China's Yunnan Province.
                             Innovazone (Shenzhen Innovazone Technology Co., Ltd.) is a holding subsidiary of Dynannic,
                             focusing on R&D and manufacturing of advanced materials in battery technology.This proj-
                             ect is the world's FIRST to achieve mass production of cathode additive material, offering a
                             compensation method for lithium-ion loss. It is also a solid milestone for us to pursue susta-
                             inability and make greater contributions to global carbon neutrality targets.
                             Innovazone owns complete independent intellectual property rights on this cathode additive.
                             Compared with the anode prelithiation technology previously promoted in the industry, Inn-
                             ovazone’s cathode additive has the advantages of high efficiency on lithium compensation,
                             better processability, high-cost performance, and strong safety. 
                             By increasing the initial active lithium in the system for manufacturing LIBs, the cathode add-
                             itive can compensate for initial irreversible capacity, significantly improve the energy density
                             and greatly improve the cycling life.
                             To take phosphate cathode from Dynanonic as an example, adding 1.5 ~ 2% of cathode additive
                             in the battery system can increase the energy density to 5%, while 3 to 4% can increase cycling
                             life by nearly double.
                             Innovazone’s cathode additive can be compatible with existing cell production lines and is suitable
                             for the different cathode LIBs, either in high-power ESS, digital products, and other fields.
                                 The implementation of this 20,000 tons of cathode additive project is a real breakthrough for
                             the new energy industry, filling the gap in the global cathode additive market. 

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