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Celebrate the company's successful landing on Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM

Release time:2019-04-16    Views:163061

On April 15, 2019, Shenzhen Dynanonic Co., Ltd. was listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The stock is referred to as "Dynanonic" and the stock code is "300769". After 12 years of hardworking and enterprising, Dynanonic enter into a new era. Cong Lian, deputy governor of Nanshan District of Shenzhen, Jiafen Xian, Member of standing Committee of Gaoming District Committee and Minister of United Front of Foshan City, Su Jiang, Deputy director of Standing Committee of Gaoming District People's Congress, Hongtao Li, compliance director and chief risk control officer of Huatai United Securities, and representatives of customers and suppliers attended the listing ceremony.

Since its establishment in 2007, the company has been committed to the development and industrialization of nanomaterials technology. Based on the prospective judgment of the application field of electronic vehicle battery raw materials, the company pioneered the application of nanotechnology on the producing lithium ion battery materials in China. With the leading independent innovation ability, the company has successfully developed and mass produced carbon nanotubes, nano lithium iron phosphate and other competitive high-performance materials. Relying on the excellent performance and the advantage on low cost products, the company has gradually grown into the core supplier of industry giants such as CATL and made outstanding contributions to the national new energy development strategy.


The company's initial public offering of shares to raise funds mainly focuses on its main business, and it plans to invest in the annual output of 15,000 tons of nano lithium iron phosphate project, lithium Power Research Institute project, information construction project, etc. The implementation of the fundraising project will effectively improve the production scale of the company's nanometer lithium iron phosphate, further solve the existing capacity bottlenecks in the production and operation process of the company, consolidate and enhance the company's position and market share in the anode materials field, and steadily increase the growth point of the company's profits. At the same time, it will further enhance the company's research and development strength, enhance the company's market competitive advantage, and lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term development.

Future, Germany will not forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind the mission, with the successful listing as an opportunity, with the aid of capital strength, adhering to the "technology innovation, improve product to promote enterprise development" business philosophy, is committed to dedicated to the world more secure and efficient green new energy materials, continuously expand the product structure and market breadth, strive to create first-class brand, become China's leader in the field of nanoscale lithium ion battery materials.

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